US-France Joint Minisymposium on Polymer Nanocomposites

20 Mars 2020 à l’université de Columbia

While the field of polymer nanocomposites has been popular for close to three decades, many outstanding issues remain outstanding, for example the role of processing, the ability to reproducibly control nanoparticle dispersion so as to obtain optimized properties, the role of machine learning and big data in designing these materials, their transport behavior, failure mechanisms etc. These topics are at the intersection of academic and practical interest and hence require that multipronged approaches be brought to bear. To discuss these issues we are organizing a compact one-day minisymposium at Columbia. We will also have a round table with the goal of identifying the top 10 outstanding questions in this area – this will be published in the Journal of Polymer Science. Since we will only meet for a day, we expect at most to charge a minimal fee to cover lunch and refreshments ($30). We hope that you and your group will participate.