Journées des Jeunes du Groupe Français de Rhéologie

JJR 2020, 16-19 June 2020, Giron (France)

The Young Rheologists Days 2020/ (JJR 2020) will be held at Giron (Ain/Jura, France), June 16-19- 2019 at the splendid “Relai Nordique”

The JJR2020 meeting is held to establish a discussion forum for the community of engineers and scientists in the rheology field. For the first time, we aim at giving a more international dimension to this meeting, thanks to the privileged location of Giron (Jura) not so far from Switzerland, Italy and Germany. We expect between 40 and 50 attendees with more than 30 Phd and post-doctoral students. The objective is to give to all applicants the opportunity to present their work and exchange with confirmed rheologists from a wide range of backgrounds.

Rheologist from universities, research centers or industry will be able to report on the most recent advances in the field. It is our belief that this conference would benefit from expanding to (i) bordering countries such as Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain and (ii) other countries over the world (Europe, Africa, Asia…).

At almost 1100 m altitude, we schedule to have a friendly conference enticing our young researchers to join our society.

JJR 2020 will give you a special chance to enjoy AIN/Jura Region and its splendid mountains, making it the first tourist destination of Auvergne-Rhone Alpes . Giron offers a wide variety of unspoiled natural landscapes alternating with rivers, magnificent lakes, alpine pastures and spruce forests. But Jura region is also cities and villages with a rich heritage, renowned vineyards offering great varieties of wine, delicious cheeses, diverse crafts… These numerous attractions make this region a popular destination for lovers of nature, snow, exploring and fine food and gastronomy. Besides, a varied social program will accompany the conference : gathering some social activities with visits to several industrial plants and regional institutions.