Journées Annuelles 2021

Date : 22-23 Novembre 2021
Lieu : Université Rennes 1, campus Beaulieu, amphithéâtre ISCR
Attention: Pass sanitaire à prévoir


Julien Boixel, Université de Rennes 1
Stéphane Rigaut, Université de Rennes 1

Contact : Julien Boixel (


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Lundi 22 Novembre

Mardi 23 Novembre


Lundi 22 Novembre
13h00  Accueil – Bâtiment 10B ISCR
13h30Mots d’ouverture – Rémi METIVIER – Président de la SP2P
Stéphane Rigaut & Julien Boixel – Organisateurs
Chair Michel Sliwa
13h40  Keynote: Eric COLLETUniv. Rennes 1
Ultrafast charge transfer and structural dynamics behind photomagnetism
14h20Invited: Galina DubachevaUniv. Grenoble Alpes
Fluorescent nano-switches based on stimuli-responsive supramolecular interactions
15h10Patthira SumsaleeUniv. de Rennes 1
Chiral Luminescence Emitters based on Bicarbazole for Circularly Polarized Organic Emitting Diodes
15h30Clément BrouillacUniv. Rennes 1
New host materials for high performance single layer phosphorescent light emitting diodes
15h50Pause /posters
Chair Nathan McClenaghan
16h20Stefan HaackeUniv. Strasbourg
Fe(II)-NHC complexes as sustainable photo-sensitizers: What is the nature of the long-lived excited state(s) ?
16h40Elise LognonUniv. Toulouse 3
New lights on Dihydropyrene systems photoisomerization process with theoretical study
17h00Arnaud FiheyUniv. Rennes 1
Quantum description of the photo-induced electron transfer in gold-organic nanomaterials
17h20Xingjie FuUniv. Lille
Influence of temperature on fluorescence and photo-switching quantum yields for photo-switchable fluorescent proteins: the case of rsEGFP2
17h40Franck CamerelUniversité de Rennes 1
Quantification and applications of the NIR-photothermal properties of nickel-bis(dithiolene) complexes
18h00  Invited: Adèle LaurentUniv. Nantes
Playing with ESIPT dyes and embedded bilirubine thanks to computationnal tools
18h30Apéritif – Buffet / posters

Mardi 23 Novembre
Chair Olivier Soppera
09h00Invited: Gabriel LogetUniv. Rennes 1
Nanostructured Photoelectrodes: From Energy to Luminescence
09h30Marie BaraleUniv. Rennes 1
Synthesis and characterization of atropoisomeric pyrene- based dithienylethenes: Optical control of luminescence properties
09h50Jonathan Long – ENS Paris-Saclay
Modulation of arene-RuII complexes structures and properties with ortho-sulfonamide azobenzene ligands
10h10Isabelle NavizetUniv. Gustave Eiffel
Modelling absorption and emission spectra taking into account the dynamic environment: example of firefly bioluminescent systems and analogues
10h30Yann MolardUniv. Rennes 1
Octahedral Molybdenum clusters containing hybrid materials: from their synthesis to their studies on the Caphter platform
10h50Pause / posters
Chair Niloufar Shafizadeh
11h20Pierre-Antoine BouitUniv. Rennes 1
Fluorescence switching with bisphosphonium
11h40Nour El BeyroutiUniv. de Rennes 1
Ligand-Driven Light switching of Single Molecule Magnets
12h00Nicolas Fabre – ENS Paris-Saclay
Fluorescence photoswitching of diarylethene dyads: from energy transfer to unconventional behavior and photokinetics
12h20Yann TrolezUniv. Rennes 1
1,1,4,4-tetracyanobutadienes derived from ynamides: new fluorophores sensitive to their environment
12h40Buffet / posters
Chair Jérôme Chauvin
13h40Christophe LESCOPUniv. Rennes 1
Preparation and study of luminescent Cu(I) multinuclear assemblies
14h00Louise BreloyUniv. Paris-Est Créteil
Design of macrocycles as versatile visible-light photoinitiators for bulk free-radical and cationic polymerizations
14h20Thibault BaronUniv. Nantes
Pyrrolopyrrole cyanine dyes as Near InfraRed photosensitizer for hydrogen production via water reduction using Dye Sensitized Photocatalysis system
14h40Julien BerthomierUniv. Paris-Saclay
Photo-isomérisation sélective de l’acide salicylique
15h00Clôture – Rémi METIVIER – Président de la SP2P
P1 – Tarik AaboubENS Rennes
Optical spectroscopic investigation of a sol-gel process for dyeing textiles
P2 Nicolas BogliottiENS Paris-Saclay
Photon- and electron-induced modification pattern in arene ruthenium complexes
P3 – Simon DubuisUniv. Bordeaux
Experimental studies of non-linear optical properties of photo-stimulable switches based on Stenhouse adducts
P4 – Magin Benedit FerrerENS Paris-Saclay
Grafted difluoroboron β-diketonates derivatives, towards mechanofluorochromic surfaces
P5 – Shiho KatsumiENS Paris-Saclay
Fluorescence Observation of Spatiotemporal Heterogeneity of Aggregation Structure in Thin Film by Difluoroboron β-Diketonate Dyes
P6 – Quentin KirscherUniv. de Haute-Alsace
Direct Deep UV (DUV) photopatterning of metal oxide thin films from nanocrystal (NCs) colloids: a simpler and faster process at room temperature
P7 – Fanny SchnetzUniv. Paris Est Créteil
Diphenyl functional porphyrins and their metalcomplexes as visible-light photoinitiators for free-radical, cationic and thiol–ene polymerizations
P8 – Suzanne VedaENS Paris-Saclay
Synthesis and properties of azobenzene-derived porous coordination polymers
P9 – Léa ChocronENS Paris-Saclay
Giant amplification effect of fluorescence photoswitching in organic nanoparticles investigated by spectroscopy and microscopy
P10 – Matthieu KamierzakUniv. Bordeaux
From nanoscopic molecular photodecaging to microcapsule explosion : upscaling photorelease
P11 – Niloufar ShafizadehUniv. Paris-Saclay
Etude des états triplet de Tetraphenyl porphyrine de cuivre et
d’Octaelthyl porphyrine du cuivre